Hi,I’m Tim Levene

Helping to make the Ward of Bridge & The City relevant to you

I’m Tim Levene

Helping to ensure Bridge is a healthy, safe and vibrant ward

I am a candidate in the forthcoming Common Council election in the Ward of Bridge which takes place on March 23rd 2022.

The City has been a part of my life since the age of 9 when I attended the City of London School. I hope to bring a fresh and modern perspective to the Court of Common Council, and if elected will ensure my entrepreneurial and technology DNA are a positive addition to the Council. Please feel free to get in touch, in particular so I am aware of any issues or concerns you may have about the Ward of Bridge or the City in general.

My Priorities

Helping to ensure the best possible result for The City as a result of Brexit.

Brexit will bring many challenges to the City as the UK transitions outside of the European Union. It will likely be a long road to exit (i.e. several years), and as such there will be extensive discussions and negotiations which will define London’s future competitiveness as the World’s financial centre.

I have a number of roles where I hope to positively influence the debate. I currently sit on the City of London Network Action Group for Fintech which directly lobbies into Government to ensure London retains its prominence in Financial Services. I also was made a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2012, where I will continue to exert my energies to engage with both industry leaders and influential European political influencers to put forward the position why a strong financial centre in London is in the interests of the whole of Europe.

Make The City as tech friendly as possible

The City must be at the forefront of the tech revolution, which means that our infrastructure in the City should be world class, in terms of wireless connectivity as well as 4G signal and beyond. I want to work with the Corporation to demonstrate how digital technology can help make London an even better place in which to live, work and invest.
The periphery of the City has seen an explosion in high growth tech companies moving in and fuelling growth in the area. I want to see more of these dynamic companies find their home in the City. As the Financial Services industry continues to evolve, incumbents and disruptors will increasingly work together. Bringing these companies closer together geographically will only help accelerate that aim.

Making Bridge a healthy, safe and vibrant ward

Although incidents of concern are few and far, it is critical to ensure that the safety of all those who inhabit the City by day and night are a priority. I would support any initiative that pragmatically maintains or improves the status quo.

Air quality has also become increasingly important, and we are seeing innovative changes in the City to try to address that. There has to be a sensible balance between restricting emissions but also ensuring the City keeps moving. Pedestrians and emission friendly vehicles should be prioritised and I intend to promote their use in a responsible way.

You can connect with Tim here:

My Experience:

In 1994, I joined Bain & Company and spent 4 years working in Moscow, Boston, Sydney and London. I embarked on an entrepreneurial path and left Bain in early 1998 and created a new retail concept when I opened Fresh n Smooth in 1999 in Canary Wharf. The business has since evolved into a 31 store business across London called Crussh. There are several stores throughout the City.

In the summer of 1999, I joined 3 former colleagues from Bain & Company and launched Flutter.com. In early 2000, Flutter became one of the highest profile internet businesses in the UK. Flutter merged with Betfair.com in 2001 and I led the internationalisation of the business. Betfair is now the UK’s most valuable listed internet business.

In 2009 I founded Augmentum Capital with the backing of RIT Capital and Lord Rothschild, to support early stage disruptive Fintech businesses. I currently sit on the boards of Zopa, Seedrs, Interactive Investor, Phoenix and BullionVault.

I also work with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry on digital strategy and innovation since it launched in 2011. Much of the focus for the Foundation is on addressing the stigma surrounding mental health, especially amongst young people.

I retain a strong involvement with The City of London School for Boys, and currently am the Chairman of the Bursary Fund Committee.

I was made a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2012.

I have been married to Katie for 15 years, and have 3 kids, Luc, Amelie and Oscar. Our weekend life revolves around watching Chelsea FC, helping with homework, coaching junior sports teams, playing golf and a somewhat slower paced game of football.

Please feel free to get in touch, in particular so I am aware of any issues or concerns you may have about the Ward of Bridge or the City in general.

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